This is a collection of resources that I personally have found helpful and which cover a variety of topics.
I’ve used all of them in some way or another while designing, planning, and management projects.


I really have trouble putting many of these squarely in one camp or another, so I’ve put them together.
Helpful for both design and development, really. A well-organized reference for screen sizes.

Pattern Lab
A great framework through which to think about interface and their components.

UI Animations
A great—if seldom updated— collection of slow-motion UI animations for study.

UX Metaphor Equivalents
If you’re designing/building a product across several platforms, this is a good place to reference UI elements across them.

A great collection of jQuery plugins, input, nav, and media elements. If nothing else, great for inspiration.

Basically porn for front-end coders that want to be as image-free as possible. Love this place. Also, they have a great CSS Reference area.

A case study how designer’s make developers lives hard 🙂 This is an incredible way to design your own maps. You better come bearing gifts when you tell your dev team you’d like to use this.

UX Movement
Lots of thoughtful articles centered around UX.
You need one, just get over it. The sooner you get good at making them, the sooner you make better product. You likely have a lot of people touching your product and your brand. Use this to make your one ring to rule them all.

Usability Post
A minimal blog with articles on usability.

Chicago Egotist
For my Chicago folks. If you haven’t discovered this site yet, you’re missing out!

The Ultimate Guide to CSS
A handy reference for when you’re doing that most unpleasant of unpleasant tasks: coding email css.

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